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DIVINITY - The unforgettable Fire by NicolasRGiacondino DIVINITY - The unforgettable Fire by NicolasRGiacondino
Hi there, fellow watchers and watcherettes!

Excuse my absence the past week, but things have been more than their usual busy these days and most of the work I'm doing I can't show you.

That said, though and at the behest and gentle nagging of the writer of Divinity, Kevin Rojas Veliz, I will post up two pages today of said project. This one belongs to the first Chapter Venti, which wrapped up a couple of weeks ago.
I loved this page since it's pencilled inception which, at a two-updates-a-week pace, has to be done quite quicker than other illustrations and pages I usually do. But I believe it's that pressure and quick paced schedule what makes Divinity work much better in terms of composition and execution. I only end up showing what I'm supposed to show in each panel and don't second guess myself on the elements that make up the composition, the storytelling or useless details that will just clutter the narrative. I just go with my first gut instinct, which is what usually works best.
There's a lot of subtleties I like about this splash, particularly the torn dress on Mis Soleil as well as the vapor engulfing her. The lighting has also been improving in my work as of late, so that's something encouraging as well.

Let me know what you think and see you soon!

Saya-Aria Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
This is amazing!
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and guess that this is the fury of a woman scorned, like which hell hath no.
The-Real-Evil-Steve Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
Simple scorn wouldn't earn the hate in her eyes. I'm guessing she just realized that the guy in the foreground is right: killing everything in front of her would be a bit much, revenge must wait.

I'm probably totally wrong on what's going on here, knowing nothing of the project, but "what's happening in this picture?" is always a fun game.

Aerion-the-Faithful, you've really captured rage hate and frustration with this one, nicely done.
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