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Exactly as the title says, i'm back home after an (almost) two week trip to my hometown for a visit to the dentist. Luckily all the damage i was expecting her to find inside my mouth wasn't that bad at all and could be fixed with some quick painless touch-ups here and there (that's right kids! Brushing DOES help you!).
I took the chance while i was over there to visit some very dear friends of mine and my family, so everything was a sort of 'jump back' for me, as it's been almost 4 years now since i left to live in the 'big city' with my soon-to-be wife. And though i visit every year when i can, i never stayed so long.
I took some walks thorugh the places i treded all the time and a bit of nostalgia got to me i must admit. But, at the same time, i gave thanks that i had moved on to better things here where i am now and realized what a big step i took when i decided to leave. So, all in all, a good experience...

As for work and other assorted business, you'll notice i've uploaded new material, and will continue to do so in the coming days if my schedule allows. DA has been giving me lots of ideas lately and i wish i had more time to pour them all over paper... sigh... but i guess i'll have to wait still a little while longer.

Last but not least, i have the honour of having been featured in the Future Art Magazine in this month of June:…!
When i was contacted by :iconidalarsenart: a while back and she told me she'd consider me for a feature i was static and excited. Well, the day has finally come and i couldn't be more proud... Check out the magazine's gallery at: :iconfuture-art-magazine: and don't forget to show your support to the crew with :+fav:s and watches; you won't regret it!

So, that's all for today. I'll see you all in the coming days!

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  • Listening to: 'Led Zeppelin' Remasters
  • Reading: 'Slaine: The Horned God' by Mills and Bisley
  • Watching: 'Spider-man 3'
  • Eating: Chicken with mustard
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
Well, as usual it's been quite some time since i've used my Journal here at DA, and i thought it was time for an update. I've been working a lot lately (and i do mean a LOT) what with finishing my novel (which is becoming more and more tiring) and other projects that i have been contracted for. And in my free time i'm trying to do some stuff for me...
But the real reason behind this journal is that i've finally decided to  do some illustrations of comic legends, with the Spider-man illustration i've just uploaded being the first.
I have always shied away from those characters, because they just seemed the 'easy way' for any artist; but, then again, they're at the same time icons that you must at some point render. Besides (and more importantly), many friends and fans were asking me to do art that showed my range, stating that i had illustrated too many Space Marines and my own characters for my own good. And that's very true, so here i am 'jumping someone else's train' for a while.
If you have suggestions, let me know through your comments and i'll try and see if i can work them out in my free time!

Until soon.

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: 'The Dark side of the Moon'
  • Reading: 'The Lord of the Rings' by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Watching: 'Spider-man 2'
  • Eating: Pasta with various sauces...
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola Zero
Hello, hello, hello...
Well, another long time in silence (at least according to the standards here on DA, heh, heh) led to this Journal i'm writing now.
Since my last, a lot of things have happened, and most of them are great (so i'm still waiting for the catch! :P). Some weeks ago i received the copies that my Editor sent of the UTOPIA: Preview, and my joy was beyond belief; you can check out my pretty hands (trembling) while i took a look at them here:…
The overall quality of the product exceeded my own expectations and that was something that everyone who received it has noted. Because the Preview is already in the hands of many of the kind people who ordered it through the Online Store of WildeTimes ( and the critiques have been overwhelmingly good! I thank you all, and if you liked this one, then the novel is going to blow your socks off...
That leads us to the fact that while i'm still hard at work on the novel (that will be finished in a couple of months) and even before i can take a rest and smoke my pipe (nah, i don't smoke a pipe, but it'd be awfully relaxing, aye?) i'll be hard at work on another project, which will be my huge follow-up to UTOPIA: Blackbeard's Legacy from Bluewater Productions!
The extremely cool and talented Darren Davis and i have been talking for the past weeks and sealed a deal for the project which you'll see before this year ends. I'm uploading the first image i've done of the main character right now and will keep you updated as to its progress as soon as there's any, since we're still developing the thing... And be sure to check out Bluewater Productions DA page here: :iconbluewaterprod:

Thus, all in all, i've been more than blessed this year, and we still have a long way to go, so i can definitely say this 2007 will rock!

I'll try an update the Journal more often than this, but don't hold me to that... :D

Until soon.

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  • Drinking: Juice
Well, it's been an awful while since i've updated my Journal here at DeviantART. Many things have happened in between: i've come to over 2700 hits, which goes to show the great welcome i've been given; i've also added many friends, and others have added me; i've discovered new tricks playing with the HTML of the site (which i couldn't figure out :P)... so, overall great.
I've been out on vacation for the last two weeks, visiting the mountains and hearing waterfalls roar beside my bed. I'm reading the Lord of the Rings again, and i'm enjoying it once more, so you might see something related to it soon...
But enough of this, as the title says i'm back in the saddle and already working like a monkey on several projects. The UTOPIA: Preview is finally out and i'm eagerly awaiting my copies of it to tell you what i thought, and also yours when they arrive at your doors (and in case you haven't ordered it yet... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? IT'S FREE!).

I'm uploading as we speak an image i've done during my trip to get me started and i hope to have lots of more material to show you soon! Keep watching :popcorn:!

Until soon.

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  • Reading: 'The Lord of the Rings' by J.R.R Tolkien
  • Watching: 'Jennifer 8'
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  • Drinking: Juice
Hello there folks...
It's been a while since i update my Journal here on DeviantART, and i thought it was about time i said something to all of those who might be reading me and following my work.
First off, i'd like to say that, looking back, 2006 was a great year for me. It started out quite messy (as most years do, it seems) but by July i got the great news that my life dream had become true: i was going to publish my first graphic novel. Entirely written and illustrated by me. I could hardly believe it...
On top of that, i got to know a lot better the communities i'm a part of (such as WarSeer or DeviantART itself), which made me appreciate and respect them much more now than ever. There are truly amazing people out there that i was glad to encounter. And on a more personal note, i finally proposed to my girlfriend and we're hopefully getting married next year! Quite a step, which i'm also very happy to have made.
So, all in all, last year marked a lot of beginnings for me, and on 2007 i will take care of seeing them through. And i hope that with the help of all who have been there for me i will make the best experience of my life out of it.

Thanks again, you all!

And don't forget to check the news on UTOPIA and its exclusive FREE Preview (yes, you heard right: Free!) here:…

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  • Drinking: Juice (had too much alcohol on the weekend)...
Hi there, people!
I just realized i've come to have 1000 hits on my main page here at DeviantART, and for that i deeply thank you. I think it's a good sign that i have such pageviews in just two months of being here and i hope they rise much more!
HOWEVER... i've noticed (last night actually), that DeviantART counts your own hits as well when you head over to your main page; which seemed as a bit of a letdown for me, since i'm a 'checker' by all acounts. I always want to be up to date with what happens on the places i'm on and that means going by my Galleries and the forums i post on; 'What's the deal with that?' you might ask... well, it's just that here i have 1000 hits and i don't know how many are truly from interested people, and how many are from myself checking my status. So, i had a bit of a 'rage' when i learned that... because it means that if i want to know the true number of visits my Gallery has (without my hits) i will have to completely stay away from it, **sigh**...

Anyway, a BIG thank you to all those who really went by my Gallery (and do everyday) to show me your support! I hope you continue to like my work as much as you've done!

Until soon.

Aerion the Faithful
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Please do not worry and call 0-800-Aerion! :giggle: Nahh, seriously: some of you may notice that sometimes illustrations 'vanish' from my account after a few days from being posted. And i thought it was only fair to give you some kind of explanation for this strange occuring.
The truth is that whatever illustration you find no more here has been removed because i felt it wasn't up to the way 'level' i'm trying to maintain here at my DeviantART account. I've always had galleries cluttered up with a lot of images, both good an bad, and for once i want to make a Gallery with only 'The Best of Aerion', so...
If you want any illustration in particular just contact me and i'll point you towards it!

Thanks for understanding!

Aerion the Faithful
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  • Listening to: 'Moonchild' by Chris Cornell
Ladies and gentlemen...
A wise man said once said that real places rarely appear in maps. And that's the feeling i get whenever i get to work on my characters from 'Utopia'. You're probably wondering what i'm talking about exactly.
Well, 'Utopia' is an imaginary elseworld that i had the chance to discover in the deepest corner of my mind one day. And i was given the honour of recording all the weird and strange happenings of legend that took place in this world. But this is no ordinary place...
Life in this strange land is no longer possible for any creature under the light of its Sun and even the air is toxic due to His Majesty of the Day's fiery gaze. However, in the middle of the vast deserts that extend beyond sight, there is a Tower of a hundred and thirteen levels, emplaced as the last bastion of life amidst the desolation.
Inside this Tower there are countless creatures, brought to life by an absent 'Emperor', of whom there are only stories and legends left. Every level is a different world in itself, with its rules, its rulers and inhabitants. All the levels are reigned by the power of a Moon Empress, left behind by her Emperor a long time ago; in fact, so long that even she can't remember when she firt tasted solitude.
It is this character's Imperial Guardian, in particular, and his relation with her (being the only one who truly loves her) that the cogs of this story move for in the novel that i'm currently writing and illustrating.
It has been a great pleasure for me to work on what i think will be the work i will be most proud of. There are constant stories in my mind and they all seem to come from this strange Tower and its mysteries... i hope my lifetime is enough to tell them all!
For the moment, i leave you with one of the exclusive illustrations that will be featured in the Preview, due tentatively for January 2007 in my Gallery here at DeviantART.
The novel is due for release on October 2007, and you can pre-order it on the publisher's website at There you will also find some illustrations i did particularly for them and pages from the actual novel.

I hope you enjoy them and whatever questions you may have, ask away!

Aerion the Faithful
Well, well, well... what to say? I had been pointed towards DeviantART  many, many times in the past, but i had never had the will to actually open myself a Gallery, until last night. I was checking the member's drawings and suddenly i said 'well, this isn't that bad after all', and so today i make my appearance over here.
I hope that you enjoy the works i will put up, and feel free to comment or ask whatever you like... i'll be here to answer.

Until soon.

Aerion the Faithful
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