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Tenebrous Trio by NicolasRGiacondino Tenebrous Trio by NicolasRGiacondino
Hello again, dear watchers and watcherettes.

This illustration I'm uploading today serves a double purpose: 1. it is, obviously, a piece of art I want to display because I like it very much and 2. It is one of those long overdue commissions I always talk about.

This piece was commissioned a long, long, long time ago by the very talented and creative *Quimtuk. Since he first approached me, he kept waiting and waiting and waiting, with his patience ever intact, until break point. That's when a very hot and tough discussion ensued between him, obviously enraged and completely out of his mind with my constant lack of updates and me, apologetic and trying to make up for the lost time.
Now, I am telling you all this, because I know many of you out there have commissioned me; some with very good results in a reasonable timeframe and others... well, not so lucky, to say the least. I have a backlog dating as far back as years, more or less since 2010, which is when the cavalcade of commissions came in for me and at the same time, life began being overly and nightmarishly complicated. For the past three years, and especially the last one, my life has been a constant struggle trying to keep my head above the water and more often than not, being completely sunk under its weight. I've been almost evicted numerous times, I've been ill, I've been without enough to eat... you name it.
Slowly, steadily, I began making progress and getting jobs that allowed me to organise my schedule and not be constantly piling up gigs that would forever delay me over and over again. But it still is not enough. Many are still missing their paid pieces and I understand both their anger and frustration, because I feel it myself. I also feel ashamed I have not always been up to what a professional illustrator and artist has to be, but this piece here is a testament to my actually getting the job done, no matter how late. And perhaps that's something you, as my audience and clients, can appreciate.

*Quimtuk and I finally resolved matters the best possible way, which is with him getting his artwork done and me finally being able to repay his kindness for all the effort and patience he invested in me. I hope I can always reach such an agreement with all of my clients, because this is the best I have to offer. My art is all I have and with your help, I've been able to live the dream others can only hope to achieve. So, if you're still waiting on me, if you're dismayed because your pieces are taking forever: don't despair just yet. I've stopped taking in new work and I'm rigurously following a tight schedule that will allow me to get back on track in the months to come and start clean and fresh once again.

Finally, and speaking particularly about this piece, these fine gentlemen here depicted are the Tenebrous Trio, described by their creator as the heroes of the City of Tenebre; a wild bunch dedicated to kciking ass! I tried to stay somewhat faithful to *Quimtuk's style, within th eframe of my own and I also kept the palette very similar to his. I, of course, added a lot of my own, but in the end, the mix was more than satisfying and I hope to be able to use this approach in other works in the future.

Thank you for bearing with me and this rant, but I thought it appropriate to take the opportunity to clarify a bit where I stand regarding my commissions.

Enjoy and see you all soon!

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Estonius Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
Awesome piece! I particularly dig how you drew the robot character!
Quimtuk Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Bueno todo lo que tenía que decirte ya te lo dije por correo, aunque déjame que repita lo feliz que estoy con el resultado y con cómo acabó todo. :D
Te he "featureado" un poco en mi journal: [link]
SpectorKnight Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
If my own commission pieces end up looking half as great as this, the wait will have definitely been worth it. I'm very impressed with the variety in the faces and designs here. :)
Clayman8 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
it bothers me that people get worked up over this matter. Your quality of work is worth the wait,and you've explained lots of times your hardships in life with your family as well as work times. It just hurts me to think that some people dont seem to care JUST because they paid for something.

I know one can wait a year or 2 for a piece,but as a responsible man and artist,im sure you will deliver in the end,two-fold as you learn new techniques and tighten up your style even more. A sketch from last year can look twice as good now than it did before :)
precinctomega Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
I'm somewhat more sympathetic to Nic's clients (speaking as one who has had several pieces from him, plus one in the works). As a commission worker myself (albeit one now rapidly putting that part of my business to bed), I can report that many clients are perfectly happy to wait and be patient for projects that aren't urgent, but nothing is more annoying to a client than the fear that they will never see the project completed. To that end: communicate, communicate, communicate.

Sometimes, this can seem like taking time away from actually working on the projects themselves, but it is absolutely essential to retaining the faith of one's clients and, occasionally, Nic is guilty of taking his communication off the boil even as he turns up the heat on his actual work.

Those of us who know him and have faith in his ethic (and who are on no pressing deadline) are happy to wait without comment. Those who don't know Nic or have regular contact with his online presence will worry, if they hear nothing, that their deposits have vanished into the aether.

P.S. Not going to need those B&W pics finished until mid-2014 earliest, Nic, so no rush.
Clayman8 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
i can see your point. I love to work on commissions myself (except i never get any :( ) and im sure it must be frustrating to think that you might never get what you want in the end (luckily the very few clients i have were happy with my work) especially if you've pre-paid for it.
You are totally right,but i guess its just that people have a somewhat blown over reaction at times instead of just talking or asking for a quick update once and a while
otisinhell Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
Me gusta mucho tu estilo che!
Tenés muchos detalles, tinta, color y sin embargo se sigue leyendo bárbaro!
Te felicito :)
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